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The POLICAR is a trailer that through a simple operation with a remote control becomes a closed box truck. The two boxes that make up the semi-trailer are mobile and attachable to the tractor, so that goods can be transported for two different distribution areas, in separate boxes and even different temperatures in each box and in a single trip.

With the POLICAR, all the inconveniences posed by the capillary distribution are solved, especially if the distribution area is more than 70 km away from the base warehouse:


Intermediate parking maneuvers

Distribution Zone A

Distribution Zone B


Smaller initial investment
Up to 30% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2
Half the number of drivers
Sealeable anti-sabotage boxes
Saving on repairs, maintenance, taxes and insurance
Loading of both boxes from a single bay
Possibility of two temperatures
Keeping up the cold chain
Automatic locking (no twist-lock)